Mother in the making

the journey of Motherhood


MITM is a series of observations, thoughts and desires that come to me as I go through the challenges (and rewards) of being a mother. And woman. And wife (though that too sometimes is like being a mother)

Started on my 28th birthday this year – this blog is for all young mothers. Not for preachy, boring advice – but just reassurances that you are not alone. Every child is different, as is every mother, but we go through a lot of the same experiences.

Nine aunts (read: mothers) growing up. Twenty siblings. Three mother in laws. A grandmother in law. Ten nieces and nephews. One son. With so many mothers and children in my life, its hard not to be inspired (and qualified) to write a blog 😉

Hi! I’m Rashi. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. I currently live in Kolkata. I’m 28 years old and mother to a darling son. I have had the unique pleasure of calling 5 cities my home. I have had jobs in marketing, television and radio. Prior to starting this blog, I ran a very successful private SAT coaching facility for 4 years.

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