All this hue and cry about Mira Rajput implying that to a working mother their kids are like puppies or something to the effect is just disappointing. Of course I don’t support what she said. A mother can work or stay home, it’s a choice the mother makes. No matter the choice the child is never a puppy and cannot/should not be compared to one ever. Yes all people who own dogs and puppies don’t compare them to our kids. Just as we won’t compare our kids to your pets. They are not similar in any manner. 

Ok moving on she said what she said but what about the fact that reporters harass celeb and celeb wives all the time with with nonsensical, provocative and extremely personal questions. They have a problem if women go back to work after a baby, but they even have an issue with women staying at home with the baby. 

Why is Kareena Kapoor losing her baby weight so fast?? Why’s isn’t she home with her baby. Why is this our concern?? It is her life, her choice, let her decide what is best for her and her child. If we had a problem with Kareena’s lifestyle, why did we fat shame Aishwarya Rai for about 2 years?? Because she decided weight loss was not her priority?? But that’s what we expect of women right, to be demure and domesticated once we become mothers.  
Amaal Clooney, a human right lawyer who also happens to be married to a famous Hollywood celebrity made the news, not because she was doing her job (fighting ISIS) but because she was ‘showing off her baby bump’. Why are we always chasing the wrong kind of stories when it comes to women? 

Sania Mirza is at the top of her game, ranked no. 1 in the women’s double rankings, but how can that be enough. She needs to have a baby, she needs to settle down. Only then will her life actually amount to something. But when Mira decided to have a baby so early on into the marriage that too wasn’t acceptable. 
What does this tell us? The media cannot decide what they really want from these stars and celebrities. They don’t treat them as real people. They are treated as sources of gossip and entertainment. They just want to create an uproar and hit all the wrong cords during these interviews. They are basically looking for a reaction. Waiting for one wrong answer, that one wrong move a person with any sort of influence will make and a story will be dragged out of it. It’s just not fair. Maybe Mira Kapoor just lost her cool. After all she is a new mom, she might be having sleepless nights for all you know. Anyone is bound to slip. Maybe she did not rehearse these answerers because she did not think the questions would be so absurd. 

Instead of always pointing a finger at the celebrity let’s just pause and take a look at the media and it’s reporters. If a person of influence is expected to conduct themselves in a certain manner, does the media also not have a certain responsibility towards society. Is that what we are made of now – gossip columns and tabloids. Let’s not point fingers in the wrong direction for once and evaluate what we are reading and how it is being reported.