I love how obsessed we are with our babies

I love how we brag about them all the time 

I love how we make place for a tiny third addition in our marriage beds 

I love how they become a bigger part of our lives each day everyday 

I love how they amaze us with their intelligence and incredible silliness all at once

I love how we taste even mashed potatoes before we let our kids have the first bite 

I love how food stained clothes are a mark of pride 

I love how our fancy handbags have now been replaced by cartoon shaped diaper bags 

I love how we look forward to having that one night away from them

I love how we spend those nights talking about them

I love how our mothers’ take so much pride is saying I told you so…

I love how movie nights have become a night of puzzles in bed 

I love how loud drunken bar nights have been replaced by quiet wine nights after bedtime

I love how lazy Sundays have been replaced by visits to the children’s park

I love how we no time to argue with our spouses because we are too exhausted 

I love how I can talk about Kareena Kapoor and myself in the same breath because we are both mothers  

I love how Kim K has made babies the new accessories 

I love how Adele talking about her loss of self when she gained her child is making news 

I love how Beyonce’s pregnancy photos broke the Internet

I love how inspired we are by the kindness and selflessness children bring into our lives

I love how much unity they bring to this divided and diverse world

But most of all I love how much they teach us about love