I may be my son’s lifeline but his heart belongs to his father

They simply adore each other. The bond they share is so beautiful. His eyes light up, body breaks into a dance and excitement is oozing from his face when he sees his father is back from work. I assume it’s from thinking about all the fun games they are going to play together. I see these moments they have, like the one they are having right now. They are playing ball, the attention father is giving the boy and the seriousness with which the boy is readily following instructions is heartwarming. I’m sure when the boy snuggles up next to me so I can put him to sleep we look equally cute but unfortunately no one is observing with such interest. Let alone writing about it!!

Not only are they head over heals about each other they are a little too similar in just about everything. The way they look, their expressions, the likes and dislikes in music and food. But I’m just hoping he has a little bit of me too. Maybe my impatience, my eagerness to get things done, my fighter spirit but most of all lets pray he does not inherit the father’s laziness!! Time will tell.

IMG_0523.JPG Of course I’m a tad bit jealous, come on it’s human nature! But I console my self thinking its only because he associates me with mealtimes and other such mundane activities but daddy dearest with play time and things fun. How I have no faith that my husband will be able to manage meal times, he has no faith that I will be able to handle play time. And surprisingly enough our boy shares the similar sentiments. For instance just the other day I was feeding him some lime water at a restaurant which was a fun treat for him but he couldn’t enjoy it as much because I was feeding it to him. Only once the other parent fed him he was truly satisfied!! I think he has built fixed characters for us in his head. He isn’t comfortable when father is in charge of meal times and I have seen him be a little surprised when mama does something that is naughty/fun!!

Ok to be honest many a times dads are the unsung parent. They do try to help out with kids and their chores but we moms are usually dissatisfied with their bizarre ways and ideas. I’m sure my husband has done some version of this but I just haven’t been around to witness it.unnamed.jpg


We have all seen the many hilarious videos that pop up on the Facebook and Instagram when daddies are left with the task of babysitting. My personal favourite is the one when the little girl asks her dad to put her hair in a bun. unnamed-1.jpg

If dads aren’t given detailed instructions they will ask the silliest of questions or completely misinterpret them. Of course they will get the job done no doubt, but at what cost? The baby has been fed but what, I dare not ask!! When daddy is in charge I usually come back home to a messy house and an even messier room but a very happy baby!! Well I’m sure we had our reasons for letting daddy babysit in the first place. What say moms??

I may be a tad bit jealous, but I am also thankful. Thankful for all the times he has rescued me from a cranky baby, baby sat the sick baby so I can have a little time to myself and most of all kept the baby in one piece regaining my trust almost every time. Thankful that many a times the boy likes dad more than mom, because there are some days moms need just that.