Everything I’d heard about motherhood & childbirth always been about rainbows in a land filled with candy. “It’s lovely, you’ve never felt this way before, there is no feeling like this, how ever painful child birth is motherhood will make up for it.”
There are so many ‘WhatsApp’ groups mushrooming on your phone once you’re a mother (or even on the way to becoming one) it’s so hard to keep track of what is going on. All these groups are exchanging notes about a lot of helpful things like doctors, medicines, infections, various dos and don’ts.

But what no one is telling you ‘Do Not Freak Out’!! “Yes, it is hard at times but you have to brave through. Those three sleepless nights in a row because the baby had fever was one of the most difficult nights you had. If you saw that through you’ve probably seen the worst.”

Everyone just talks about the good side of pregnancy and motherhood, which of course is important but also redundant; you will rarely have a real and honest conversation that includes all the emotional wringing we are going through. There are parents who make it seem like a piece of cake!! Hats off to them, but for me the first 3 months of motherhood were spent probably craving that piece of cake and some more comfort food on the side. I was tired and drained out of all my energy. 

Of course it has gotten a lot better now that the baby is getting older and cuter!!

At times I felt like complained too much. I could hear myself sounding like I was the only mother on this planet. As the words came out of my mouth I knew people around me were thinking it – as if no one else had done this before.  But slowly I learnt to get over that stigma and spoke about what I actually felt more confidetly. A LOT of people happened to agree. If nothing else I was venting and sharing and hopefully encouraging other to share and not feel guilty!!

Apart from all the ‘feelings’ there were actually little things that I learnt from being pregnant. I did not even know that there were certain questions I could have asked or certain things I could have done. Even now that the baby is here and I am learning on the job, there are few things I wish I had known before I started playing this new game called ‘being mommy’!!! So I thought why not put some of my wisdom out there and help other struggling mommies cope better!!