As Mother’s Day posts, messages and quotes flood social media I wonder what do I write that isn’t out there already.

Yes it’s a special day, some do gifts, a fun breakfast  here and there, hugs, and photos and we all go to bed to resume our duties post Mother’s Day.  But what make us mothers are the little things that all mothers do that warrants a “that’s such a mom thing to do” comment from friends and others!! So this post I dedicate to all older mothers who love us yet embarrass us & to the new mothers who now have kids of our own and realise what all the fuss is about!!

Remember how our mothers used to ask us every little detail about the debate/quiz competition we participated in at school. Have you realised mothers have a lot of interest in anything that involves winning or competition of any kind? They are usually rooting for us to win so they can brag about it to their friends. They will learn every little detail so they can narrate it to everyone they meet. It’s amazing how proud they are of us when we aren’t around. And such event will ensure somehow their memories are in perfect health. What happened when mom had to recall that party she said I could go to? Strangely convenient that she does not remember.

Dare you tell a mother their child does not know something? They will defend the child with all their might, I mean its perfectly ok for a child to not know something but it’s not ok to tell the mother that. Lesson learned!!

Oh but ask for her help!! She is the happiest, she brought you into this world so that you would (secretly) always be dependent on her or at least she hopes… So when you actually ask a mother to help, her joy knows no bounds!!

Oh and then there is always the ‘skipping a meal’!! Unacceptable!! She may understand you not being able to pass your 8th standard math test but skipping a meal?!!!! You are not hungry?!? No dinner!!?!! These words don’t exist in the dictionary of a mother!!

And haven’t we have all experienced the case of 17 missed calls on our phone and our friends’ phones (individually) when we fail to meet a deadline. If you’ve said 10pm, might as well be back by 10pm least you want a search party being sent out to look for you!! I mean the level at which mothers will freak out when kids fail to meet a deadline is terrifying. You feel an earthquake has hit town and she is unable to get hold of you as soon at its 10:10!!

As I recall all these instances when mothers have been highly annoying but equally cute, I cannot help but smile. I’m sure when they weren’t mothers they might have thought ‘I’m going to be a cool’ mom but then the phenomenon of motherhood hits and before you know it bam.. You are a typical mother!! I for one honestly cannot wait to smother my little one, embarrass him and enjoy these perks of motherhood, because lets face it, sooner or later it will happen so lets not fight but give in and enjoy the ride!! 😉